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Are you looking for professional Web Development Course in Pakistan? Are trying to become master in web development and make money while doing it, your search ends here. Xperts Hub offers professional web development course in Gujrat Pakistan and Lalamusa. There are many companies available all over the world which are earning by making websites. Develop an efficient, reliable and secure web application with Xperts Hub training courses. In this training course, the workplace gives professional environment and learns to develop responsive and robust web products.

There are large numbers of institutes all over the Gujrat but we assure you the best training services. Our web development course in Xperts Hub is designed to teach you everything (Design&Development) you need to know to create, how to manage a website to make it attract others. We use new technologies to give you ease in learning. Less than two months you can become a webmaster. At the end of the course, you will be awarded Web Developer Certificate.

           Xperts Hub

       Web Development Course in Gujrat

                COURSE OUTLINE

            Week 1

Internet Basics

  • Protocols
  • Servers and there Functions
  • Internet Clients, Configuration and Use
  • Network Security
  • Internet Development
  • Internet Site Functionality Design
  • Business Concepts


  • Fundamentals of HTML
  • Basic HTML tags
  • Format text on Web Pages
  • Incorporate images
  • Create hyperlinks
  • Create complex image maps
  • Create tables and nested tables
  • Insert a form on a web page
  • Set, modify form field properties: text field, drop-down, check box, radio button
  • Validating HTML
                                                           Week 2

Cascading Style Sheet – CSS

  • Introduction
  • Designing with Style Sheets
  • Style Sheet Syntax
  • ID, Class Contextual Selectors
  • Linked (External) Style Sheets
  • Cascading Order
  • Properties: Text, Font, Colors, Backgrounds, Borders
  • Floating Elements
  • Absolute and Relative Positioning i.e. Div’s etc.
  • Layering Elements with the Z-Index
  • Animation of objects

Javascript & Document Object Model – DOM

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Variables and  Objects
  • Decision Making Statement: If, Switch
  • Loops: For, While & Do While
  • Arrays
  • Functions and Prototypes
  • Core JavaScript Objects                         
               Week 3


  • Introduction
  • Install & Configuration
  • jQuery Syntax
  • Selectors
  • Events: Hide/Show, Fade, Slide, Animate, Stop, CSS
  • jQuery Callback
  • jQuery Chaining

Extensible Markup Language – XML

  • What is XML?
  • XML Benefits
  • XML Holds Data, Nothing More
  • XML Separates Structure from Formatting
  • XML Promotes Data Sharing
  • XML is Human-Readable


  • Interactivity
  • Application Development Environment
  • Collaboration & Productivity
  • Site Management and Media
  • Customizing & Extending
  • Page Authoring, Design & Management


                Week 4

PHP HyperText PreProcessor – PHP

  • Introduction
  • PHP Document
  • Language Fundamentals: Variables, Constants
  • Decision Making Statement: If, & Switch
  • Loops: For, For-Each While & Do While
  • Statement: Break, Continue
  • Operators: Arithmetic, String, Assignment, Comparison, Incr/Decr etc.
  • PHP functions:
  • Arrays: Numerically Indexed, Associative
  • Array Functions: Join, Explode, Implode, In_Array, Array_Search.
  • String Functions: Strlen, Printf, Substr, Str_Replace
  • Server-Side Processing
  • Processing Forms via GET/POST
  • GET or POST?
  • State and Persistence: Cookies/Session
  • Web Application Development
  • Introduction to PHP Frameworks
  • Basic OOP

               Week 5        


  • What is SQL & MySQL and its Versions?
  • MySQL CLI:mysql/GUI:phpmyadmin
  • Administration & Query Browser
  • Creating  Databases and Tables
  • Using keys
  • Table Types in MySQL
  • Data Types:Varchar, Int, Char, Date and Time
  • Deleting databases and tables
  • Inserting, Retrieving, Updating and Deleting data
  • MySQL User Accounts, Privileges and Access Control
  • MySQL documentation
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